SAT Exam

SAT Exam

SAT Course was introduced in the year 1926 by the College board to get admission in undergraduate courses offered by foreign universities. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test which known earlier as Scholastic Aptitude Test and this test is for those students who are in junior schools studying in 12th and want to pursue higher studies from a foreign university.

SAT Exam is conducted 7 times yearly depending on the countries and 5 times in most famous countries. This exam is basically to test the verbal, written, and mathematical skills of a candidate who is seeking to get admission to top universities of the world. Apart from the good score in this exam, there are a few more aspects that are inspected before approving your admission.

In this article, you will get the information related to What is SAT Exam? Including the SAT Course syllabus, pattern, when to start preparation, and some important tips for the SAT exam.

Quick Highlights of SAT Exam

Full name of Test

Scholastic Assessment Test

Test Duration

3 hrs

Accepted by

1000+ UNIVERSITIES AND Institutes

SAT Exam Fees

USD 101, USD 117 (with essay)

SAT Exam results

3 weeks

What is SAT Exam?

Scholastic Assessment Test is a mandatory entrance exam for those students looking for undergraduate admission in famous countries like the USA, Canada, etc. Through this test, the authorities assess the writing, reading, and mathematical skills of the students. Basically, students who take this exam have to have good language skills in English and Mathematics.

Currently, SAT Paper is waived off as an admission requirement because the exam centers and the universities are functioning through online methods. The main reason behind it is the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SAT Exam conducting body College board is a private and non-profit organization of the USA. Just like other entrance exams, it is compulsory that each student who is going to appear in the SAT exam prepare well in respective subjects. Good Maths skills and English skills are two major points where you need to work on.

Basically, there are two types of SAT exams. The first one is SAT 1 and it is for those students who want to get admission to UG courses. In this test, your English language speaking, listening and verbal skills will be checked including maths. The second one is for those, who want to get admission to a particular course.

Start your SAT exam preparation three months before the actual exam, because it is important that you get a good score in your higher secondary exams, as this score will play a vital role in the admission requirement.

Why Take the SAT Exam?

Most of the USA-based universities and colleges accept SAT scores. Also, many different countries ask for SAT Score before offering you admission. No doubt that SAT Exam is a tough exam and there are various reasons to take this exam 

  1. UG schools and colleges of various developed nations offer scholarship on the basis of SAT Results 
  2. Not only for admission but also, SAT Score is required to get a job in a few MNCs.
  3. There is no requirement of having a strong science background. You can easily perform well if you have good English language skills.
  4. Maths questions will be from high school topics.
  5. Prepare for an Essay on a given topic.

SAT Exam Eligibility

There is no major eligibility to take this exam but there are some basic requirements for admission. Students should be from 17 to 19 years age group. However, there is no restriction on how many times a student can take this exam. He/she can appear in the SAT Exam as many times as they want. 

As per the educational qualification for the exam as eligibility then you should be in high school’s last year.

SAT Exam Registration 

Students can register them with two methods. First, they can apply by an online method, and second, they have to mail regarding the officials.

Online Registration Process

Offline Registration Process

Create a profile on the college board website

you need to visit the official website.

now fill in the SAT Exam details asked there for proceeding registration process

Select the offline method to registration

After creating the profile select the test you want to take and the nearest test center.

You will get a guide in pdf form

Now upload a passport size photograph

Download it and proceed

Pay using the online payment method, via card or UPI

SAT Exam Fee

  1. An Indian student has to pay USD 101 that includes USD 52 for the exam fee and USD 49 will be the charge for taking the exam in India.
  2. SAT exam with Essay fee will be USD 117, the exam fee is USD 68 and USD 49 for the same mentioned above.

The candidates who are studying in the USA’s high schools can apply for Fee Waiver and this is a good option for them. 

SAT Exam Syllabus

SAT Course Syllabus includes questions in three major sections. The first one is the writing section, the second one is the reading section and the third one is the math section. 

Writing section

Reading section

Maths Section

Essay section

Reading comprehension

Algebra and functions

MCQ section

sentence completions

Geometry statistics

Paragraph length reading

Probability and Data Analysis

SAT Result

Candidates who appeared in the SAT Exam will get their results within the next 3 weeks of the exam. After that, they can send their results to universities or institutions. The student’s score will be measured on a scale of 2400 marks. Also, the colleges have different criteria to select the students on the basis of their marks.

Steps to get SAT Results
  1. Log in to the official website with the credentials
  2. Click on my organizer option
  3. On your left side, you will see an option of getting SAT Score
  4. Click of Access or get my SAT Score
Sending SAT Scores to colleges
  1. Log in the process is the same as mentioned above
  2. You will see an option to Send SAT scores
  3. If the score is available then add recipient (College name), by searching the name. 
  4. In case your score is not available then click on the option to send the score when available. 
  5. You will be asked to pay a fee at the time of checkout.

SAT Preparation Tips

  1. Leave 3 wrong answer- Students, you have to leave three wrong answers among four answers and choose the correct answers
  2. Take online preparation- Students can take online mock tests to prepare themselves and know their caliber.
  3. Prepare with high school books- Students who are going to take this exam must prepare with high school books as the math questions will from high school topics.
  4. Develop reading, writing habits- for good English language scores, you need to work on your habits. Students have to develop their habits to read, write about something.
  5. Read the passages attentively- It is important that you read that passage carefully so that you can answer the questions related to the passage.
  6. Keep eyes on instructions first- It is important that you read the instruction before answering the questions.
  7. Stick with the right answers for no change questions- It is important that you answer carefully to no change questions.