After Covide-19 Any Change In Student Visa

After Covide-19 Any  Change In Student Visa
After Covide-19 Any  Change In Student Visa

The world got affected due to Coronavirus. One of the major impacts was closing the international borders and even VISA services (including study VISA) for an indefinite time. This directly affected those students who are studying in other countries, including Indian Students. Air transport and VISA are now starting in almost all countries of the world.

Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few other developed nations are considered as top educational destinations for Indian Students. The Indian government has great bilateral relations with these countries. Now, an air bubble between India and these countries played a vital role for Indian Students to get study VISA again. 

Study VISA update of top countries

Students can fly back to their universities but they have to follow the guidelines of that country. If you are planning to study abroad or glued to the news agencies to get the update over study VISA after COVID-19, then here are the information about the countries who are offering study VISA.

1. United Kingdom

UK has allowed that any person who has a valid visa (Study VISA) can enter in UK. After 5th of October, 2020, Indian Students can reach here to study in Top universities in UK. United Kingdom has announced the point system and only those candidates will get VISA for study in UK, who have 70+ points.

You only need to get a good score in English proficiency exam, approval letter from college and financial support documents to get 70+ points. You can apply for six months duration.

2. USA 

USA is one of the top educational destinations for Indian Students. Every year lakhs of students apply for study in USA and VISA. The United State of America is making strict VISA policy for people coming outside of America. After the new rule, different visa rules will be for different countries. It will surely affect to Indian students.

3. Canada 

Canada was the first country who lifted the border restrictions to welcome International students after COVID-19. According to several media reports, Canada has recorded an increase in the number of international students to study in Canada more than any other country. Canada started approving study VISA on 20 Oct 2021.

4. Australia

Australia has started approving the study VISA application of international students. Also, the Australian government has increased the working hours on study VISA in Australia from 20hrs to 40hrs per week. Students can go to their college as soon as the international border restriction is lifted by the government.

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