How to Do IELTS Exam Preparation for Good Band Score?

How to Do IELTS Exam Preparation for Good Band Score?
How to Do IELTS Exam Preparation for Good Band Score?

If You are planning to Migrate to any English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA for study or work then you must be familiar with the importance of the IELTS exam. It tests your ability to speaking, listening, writing and understanding ability to understand the English language. Planned IELTS exam preparation will help students to get a good score band.

More than 10,000 educational institutes and Multinational companies accepts the score of IELTS Exam. This exam is mandatory to qualify by those candidates who want to get a study or migration VISA of any English speaking country. It is conducted in paper and computer-based mode. Students can choose the preferred mode according to them.

IELTS Exam Pattern

According to IELTS exam pattern, students will face questions from various sections to test the speaking, listening, writing and understanding skills of the English language. The particular time is predefined for separate sections.

Detailed IELTS Exam Pattern

  1. Listening skill test- there will be four recordings of native English speakers. Students will listen to that carefully and write the answer to the questions, asked in the recording. The time duration of the test will be 30 mins only.
  1. Speaking skill test- In this 10 to 15-minute test, students have to be proficient in speaking the English language like native speakers. The test will be conducted in three different parts to assess your speaking skills.

  2. Writing Skill Test- Two important modules and some of the other topics related to the general interest will be given to students in 60 minutes. It will test the view and writing skill if the applicant.
  1. Understanding and Reading skill- there will be 40 questions to test the student’s reading and understanding skills in 60 minutes.

IELTS Exam Preparation Tips

Preparation tips to qualify the assessment of various skills will be different. Here are the key tips for IELTS Exam preparation. Assess yourself during mock tests to get a good score band in ELTS Exam.

How to Get Good mark in Listening skill?

  1. Listen to the recording and question carefully, as the recording is played only one time.
  2. The Word limit of the answers is predefined. So write your answers according to the guidelines
  3. Make sure you do not make any grammatical mistake
  4. Proofread one time before submitting the answer

How to get Good mark in writing skill?

  1. The pro tip for IELTS EXam preparation is never waste time on hard questions. If you are not understanding the question, move to another one.
  2. Use your time smartly and study the question calmly before answering it.
  3. Write a conclusion in task 2 questions

How to get Good mark in Reading/speaking skill?

  1. Speak clearly
  2. Check the device before your exam to avoid inconvenience
  3. Sound confident while answering the questions
  4. Focus on the words, vocabulary and sentence framing
  5. Avoid fumbles and long pauses

Apart from these preparation tips for IELTS Exam, listen to the instructor carefully. Ask twice if you have any doubts.

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